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Karavidopoulos D. Ioannis, Biblical Studies C

Karavidopoulos D. Ioannis, Biblical Studies C, Pournaras Press: Thessaloniki 2004, pages 398.

            This volume consists of 24 studies, which were published in honorary and other collective volumes, as well as introductions in scientific conferences. The common point of reference in all these texts is the hermeneutic interest in the New Testament either in general issues or smaller unities, always, of course, with the assistance of the Patristic hermeneutic tradition, as well as of modern research.

            The studies of the volume are divided in four units. The first unit contains studies on issues about ap. Paul and his theology, the second is about the Gospels, the third study is of general interest and the fourth includes speeches that refer to the work of four contemporary Orthodox theologians and interpreters: S. Agouridis, V. Stogiannos, Archbishop of America Mr. Dimitrios and N. Matsoukas.

            In the first group, that of Paulian studies, the following issues are examined: ap. Paul and the Greek society, is ap. Paul the founder of Christianity?, the Paulian word and globalization, interpretation of B’ Thes. 3,10, the social message of ap. Paul, fear and love in the relationship of husband and wife, according to ap. Paul (Eph. 5,33), the Christological hymn of the Epistle to the Colossians (1,15-20), the Paulian soteriology in the spiritual life of the Eastern Church, the soteriology of the Pastoral Epistles and ap. Paul in the Greek folklore .

            In the second unit about the Gospels, the author analyzes the data of ascetic hermeneutics, there is a hermeneutic approach to the evangelic reading of the wedding service (John 2,11), the Old Testament is examined as Holy Scripture of the Church, the cultural anthropology and the interpretation of the Gospel of Luke, the “third quest” of the historical Jesus and  the information we have about Mary in the apocryphal Christian texts.

            In the third unit, where general studies are included, the author presents the dialogue between Orthodoxy and Judaism, the prophetic notes in the margin of ancient manuscripts of the Gospels, the patriarchic edition of the New Testament in 1904 and the value of the Byzantine eklogadia, the theological and cultural value of the New Testament edition by the Holy Monastery of Vatopedion.

            The last part includes articles dedicated to contemporary theologians, whose names have been mentioned above.

            The volume closes with an index of passages from the New Testament. 


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