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Nayia Miliou (ed.) The course of as course of Identity and Culture

Nayia Miliou (ed.) The course of as course of Identity and Culture, Orthodox Interparliamentary Assembly, Pedagogical Institute, Academy of Theological Studies, the Holy Metropolis of Demetrias, Volos 15-17 May 2004, Greek Parliament publ. Athens, 2005, 256 pages.

This collective volume opens with an information bulletin by the Orthodox Interparliamentary Assembly (DSO), its organs, the Conference’s programme, a list of participants, a foreword by the General Secretary of DSO Styl. Papathemelis, an address by the President of the DSO General Assembly Sergei Popov, an introductory note by professor Konstantinos Delikonstantis and a brief speech by Styl. Papathemelis.

In his address Stavros Fotiou considers that the demarcation of Eucharist, ministration and learning lead to the ecclesiasation of education and the education of the person, while Anton Vrame examines the Orthodox principles in relation to education and its perspective. Konstantinos Delikonstantis focuses in particular on the European dimension of schools’ religious instruction, while Emanuel Perselis refers to religious instruction in countries of the European Union. Alexandru Gherasim examines the position of the lesson of religious instruction in Romania, while Christos Tsironis and Brother Francesco Varthalitis approach religious instruction as a lesson of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Texts by Ioannis Kogoulis, Konstantinos Yokarinis and Miron Edrei employ different standpoints to look at theologians’ theological background and pedagogical training. Chr. Vassilopoulos expounds on the lesson’s planning and organisation, employing the criterion of psycho-pedagogical and socio-cultural characteristics of students, while Stavros Yiagazoglou refers to Orthodox education in multicultural societies. Marios Begzos approaches Orthodox education under globalisation conditions. Aris Kourtis defends the position of religious instruction as a theological-doctrinal lesson, while P. Kalaitzidis argues for the opposite, the cultural lesson. Vladimir Yaschenko presents the introduction and dimensions of the lesson “Orthodox Culture” in Russia. Stamatis Portelanos suggests the alternative teaching of religious instruction as a combined lesson, while Stergios Dervisis presents a modern teaching proposal based on the example of drug education in the book of Lyceum’s C grade. Risto Aikonen examines the use of the Internet for Religious instruction, while Aggelos Valianatos examines the application of modern teaching methods for religious instruction. Olga Trubistyna discusses the planning of a syllabus for school books and the syllabus of religious instruction in Russia, while Zoi Pliakos and Georgios Stathis analyse the same issue in the case of Greece. Finally, the book includes biographical information about the presenters.


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